Southport Waterfront Residence

Southport, Connecticut

Interior Design: Mark P. Finlay Interiors
Photography: Eric Piasecki

Screened from a scenic way in Southport, Connecticut, this Regency style home stands majestically on the waterfront of the Long Island Sound. A nod to the owner’s Norwegian heritage, the restrained aesthetic of the house creates a relaxing country retreat on the half-acre parcel. With clean lines and a smooth stucco surface, the simplified materials and muted palette of the residence accentuates the precisely crafted Neoclassical details of the architect’s design. Interiors that incorporate the stunning backdrop of water views are equally bright and refreshing. Each room features gracious windows and the interior décor and furnishings carry the color theme; crème walls and moldings are punctuated by interior furnishings in a variety of blue hues reminiscent of the adjacent ocean. A sophisticated coastal home, this residence stands out on the shore of this quaint town.

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