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New Canaan Barn

New Canaan, Connecticut

Interior Design: Kerry Hanson
Photography: MPFA

Nestled in the landscape of a New Canaan, Connecticut residence, this rustic modern barn marks the third commission for this client. Drawing upon the original vintage barn with exposed timber frame, the exterior deep blue accents connect the restored barn with the main house and garage. Intended to be a relaxing retreat, this two-story structure includes a kitchen with basin sink, under counter fridge and floating Lucite shelving, a double height living room and lofted sitting area. A perfect mix between rustic and modern, the raw timber craftsman joints juxtapose against sleek materials like the stainless-steel wire railings. Designed with transparency, the symmetric and oversized black steel window frames provide a sightline through the entire building. Deep blue barn doors are suspended on a track to fully open and close.