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Newport Art Barn

Newport, Rhode Island

Interior Design: John Peixhino
Photography: Warren Jagger, Mark P. Finlay Architects

Located on the marshes of Narragansett Bay, this newly constructed 1,700-square-foot "Art Barn" sits adjacent to the Salt Marsh House.  Built within the requirements of the Historic District Commission of Newport, the Art Barn was designed to complement, but not replicate, the old English style of the main residence (built in 1905). The addition had to function as a gallery for the owner’s eclectic art collection while also incorporating a master bedroom.  Maintaining a modern rustic aesthetic, the barn was constructed with exterior stucco walls, wainey board paneling, and a taper-sawn red cedar shingle roof.  Ten-foot tall pockets door open to provide unobstructed views of the marsh and allow natural light to flood the double-height space, highlighting a concrete etched stained slab floor.  All interior elements were designed to showcase artwork, including extensive wall space, custom lighting, and shelving tailored to fit specific pieces.  A cathedral ceiling allows the second floor balcony bedroom to overlook this unique artistic space.  The home was featured in a recent issue of Luxury Home Quarterly