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Shingle Style Oceanfront

Kiawah Island, South Carolina

Interior Design: Cullman & Kravis
Photography: Durston Saylor, Larry Lambrecht, Steve Turner

Set on the dunes of a one-and-a-half acre double lot in Kiawah Island, this 16,000-square-foot summer retreat features South Carolina low-country forms that are articulated in the Shingle style.  The twenty-eight room interior was created with a reverse floor plan so that gathering areas like the kitchen, dining room, and living room sit on the second floor and have views over the island’s dense foliage to the ocean.  A master suite is given the third floor and the lower level contains bedrooms and a family room that opens to the pool deck.  A three-story stair tower, Charleston gardens, and dining gazebo punctuate the back elevation and are built on a base of battered brick piers.  Constructed above the flood zone with steel framing, concrete floors, and reinforced windows, the house is entirely hurricane-proof.  However, subtle detailing, as seen in the brackets supporting the house’s many dormers or the wood columns that give order to the wrap-around porches, lends a sophisticated elegance to the structure.  An eclectic mix of art and furnishings decorates the interiors and completes this residence where beauty meets function. The home was featured in Architectural Digest and The Modern Estate Magazine