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Historic Waterfront

Rowayton, Connecticut

Interior Design: Brian McCarthy
Photography: Larry Lambrecht, Michael Partenio

No stranger to Mark P. Finlay Architects, this returning client presented the firm with a 200-year-old fisherman’s cottage set on the riverways of Rowayton, Connecticut.  Previously renovated over the years into a Colonial residence, the home’s footprint could no longer be enlarged due to surrounding environmental constraints.  Spaces were reconfigured and scaled-down furniture was placed in the rooms to create extra space within the boundaries of the home.  Enlarged window openings allowed natural light to flood the interiors and a landscape mural was installed in the dining room to create a connection to the outdoors.  A small, upper level addition was constructed to yield more storage space.  Keeping with the colonial style of the home, the kitchen sink was original soapstone and modern appliances were paneled to match the traditional look.  Renovation Style Magazine featured the project, summarizing the collaboration as, “Serial renovators preserve the spirit of a 200-year-old Connecticut home but infuse it with modern comfort.”