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Station Street

Southport, Connecticut

Interior Design: Mark P. Finlay Interiors
Photography: Mark P. Finlay Architects

With a rich history dating back to the early 1600’s, this property required renovations to not only its structures, but also the site itself.  Previous tenants, including the Ruger Gun Factory and Northrop Brothers Lumber & Coal, had contaminated the soil with waste from production.  Once the soil was cleaned, renovations could begin on the site’s structures, which included a simple saltbox built in the mid-eighteenth century and several ancillary buildings that joined it over the years to accommodate the commercial needs of its owners.  The restoration project undertaken by MPFA focused on gutting the interiors of the buildings while leaving the footprint and exterior elements unchanged, in accordance with directives from the local Historic District Commission.  Today Station Street is fully occupied and houses four successful businesses.