Rosewell Building

Southport, Connecticut

Interior Design: Mark P. Finlay Interiors
Photography: Larry Lambrecht, Mark P. Finlay Architects

Set adjacent to train tracks in a quaint southern Connecticut town, this 15,000-square-foot Italianate commercial building evokes New England train stations of the past.  Constrained by height restrictions, the architect came up with a creative solution to house three separate businesses, each requiring their own distinct floor, inside the building.  Constructed into a sloping hill, the building has a lower level street entrance in front and a first floor rear entrance that opens to a parking lot.  By utilizing double-height spaces, the firm was able to include three floors in what appears to be a two story structure.  The building, which serves as the office for Mark P. Finlay Architects and Mark P. Finlay Interiors, has become a new landmark in Southport center.

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