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Cherry Hills Country Club

Denver, Colorado

Interior Design: Tom Hoch
Photography: Brian Walters

Cherry Hills Country Club is a 100-year-old historic private Club in Denver, Colorado and has been home to some of the most iconic moments in golf. Since its creation, the Club has been fortunate to host a variety of major golf tournaments and legendary players, including Arnold Palmer in his miraculous drive to win the 1964 US Open.

Mark Finlay Architects was selected in 2019 to design a reimagined clubhouse that would allow members to enjoy more opportunities for dining and create a space for large scale event hosting. What our firm accomplished exceeded those expectations and brought more unique and inspiring member experiences than previously possible. Our firm’s design included the removal of the entire south end of the building. The new south end now includes a brand-new banquet facility with separate entrance and terraces, first floor grill room and member lounge spaces, second floor restaurant, library, meeting rooms and balcony terraces, and a completely reconstructed lower level with swing lounge, gym and kitchen and extensive back of house. At the same time, the firm renovated the building’s north end to include a revitalized men’s bar/lounge suite, men’s locker rooms and pro shop.

The original Tudor clubhouse was built in the 1920s as a low-profile, single-story building of brick, stucco and timber. After over a century of additions and modifications, the clubhouse was in dire need of an expert vision with considerations to the origins of the Club. Finlay and the team worked within that original architectural vernacular when designing the 70,000 square foot new addition and the 30,000 square foot renovation. Given the size of the building, intimate residential proportions were used to maintain the integrity of the Tudor style and the Club’s culture of modesty and commitment to the game of golf.

MPFA’s most impactful design element is the addition of the member dining and lounge space on the second floor. Named for the famed golfer, ‘Arnie’s’ restaurant is both a new member experience and a testament to the esteemed figure so integral to the Club’s history. Set against the stunning backdrop of the Rocky Mountains is a two-sided bar shared with the new second floor terrace. Providing a straight view down the 9th and 18th fairways, this provides a distinctly unique vantage point from which to watch golf and take in the panoramic mountain views. 

The true horsepower of the clubhouse was put to the test shortly after completion when the Club to hosted the 123rd US Amateur Championship. The coordinated efforts of the golf and clubhouse staff in conjunction with the newly established efficiency of the clubhouse made for a seamless and successful event that was highlighted nationally to great esteem.