With a skilled staff that is distinguished in all areas of architecture and interior design, MPFA offers an all-encompassing client experience.  Working continuously with the client through each phase of the architectural and interior design process, MPFA assures that every detail is developed with the utmost care and attention.  The outcome is a testament to MPFA’s commitment to the highest quality of design. 

Architectural Design

Whether a new home, addition, renovation, or commercial building project, Mark P. Finlay begins every project with a site visit and hand-drawn designs, creating a personalized architectural experience for the client.  While actively consulting with the client, MPFA partners and associates utilize computer aided design techniques and software (CAD) to develop Mark P. Finlay designs.  These construction documents contain all elements for the project, including site development, floor plans, exterior elevations, structural drawings, and interior architecture (trim, casework, molding, built-in cabinetry, and lighting).  With a network of structural, mechanical and site engineers, all MPFA architectural design projects are completed with a cohesive design that is executed with the utmost care and attention to every detail. 

With several LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) accredited professionals on staff, MPFA is committed to helping clients make responsible and educated decisions about their design choices.  Our firm has been practicing sustainable design throughout our thirty years in business.  From knowledge and use of environmentally sensitive products and materials to collaboration with construction teams who practice green building, the firm has produced many energy efficient commercial and residential buildings. 

Master Planning

Incorporating all elements and details into a project, Mark P. Finlay Architects is highly proficient at designing specialized master plans with a clear and unified vision.  Having completed master plans for club houses, trademark commercial spaces, equestrian properties, and residences and estates, the firm’s experience assures a plan tailored to fit any client’s needs.  Recognizing the importance of familiarity with a site before orienting the structures on it, the firm emphasizes designing a plan that is sensitive to the natural topography of a property.  Incorporation of this information during the early stages of the design process is vital to a successful project.  Initial designs include all hardscape elements, which are then enhanced by an appointed landscape architectural firm with whom MPFA continues to collaborate throughout the length of the project.   

Interior Design

With the formation of an in-house interior design team in 2009, Mark P. Finlay Architects is fully capable of translating the complete design vision of the firm, taking projects from the drawing boards to occupancy. Working collaboratively with architects and clients, MPF Interiors is involved with the selection, purchase, and installation of all furniture and accessories in a residence or business.  Whether working with MPF Architects or on a stand-alone project, MPF Interiors combines function with an immaculate aesthetic that reflects the daily lifestyle and personal taste of each client.  

MPF Interiors has expanded to include fine art advisory services. Whether the client is a collector of emerging artists, auction block masterpieces, or searching for a perfect piece of art for their home or office, MPF Interiors is able to advise and navigate the client through every stage of the challenging art market. Offering a comprehensive package of fine art advising, MPF Interiors will assist with selection, purchase, shipment, framing and installation of artwork.



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