Wilson Point

Norwalk, Connecticut

Set atop a stony outcrop on Wilson Point, this mid-twentieth century Tudor style home operated as a weekend getaway for New Yorkers in the heyday of revelry in the Roaring Twenties. City dwellers could take a steamship and dock directly at the building, which housed a casino (and several other less than reputable amenities). Today, the requirements for the house are drastically different, and a complete renovation project has transformed the building into a family residence. Because of its unique location, the stone and stucco building required approval from the United States Army Corps of Engineers for all renovations and additions, which included specially constructed bay and dormer windows that could withstand the extreme weather conditions that batter the point. The original beauty of the residence’s Americanized French country architecture is preserved, while no longer leaving its grandeur susceptible to the forces of nature and time.

Photo credit: Nancy Hill, Steve Turner


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